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Restaurant Online Ordering System For Any Size Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, it’s your job to find ways to make your restaurant more profitable. Today’s technology has created ways to help you run your business in such a way to almost guarantee profitability. Let us implement this technology for you. We perform all set up. You keep running your restaurant. 


This online ordering service is FREE to you!

No more 30% fees from other online ordering. You keep that money in your pocket.

Seamless Website Integration

Our Online Ordering system integrates with your web site. We make it a seamless transition between your web site and the online ordering system. Customers can navigate from ordering back to specials of your home page.


Immediate Payment

Your restaurant has the benefit of having immediate payment. Most online ordering systems will hold your payments for weeks. You have bills to pay! You can't have that money held up for a month! We don’t keep you waiting.

Ultimately, our online ordering system is designed to streamline your business; making it more convenient for customers to place orders so that they order more often. We’re all about making things easier for the customer and you.

To make things easier for you, you can choose to have orders print automatically, come to a tablet or fax machine. We will also set up your credit card processing to run at the time of order so that you do not have to enter the card info and the card is verfied and money take prior to your receipt of the order. 

That is the H.I.M advantage!


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